Ian Hughes was born in Staffordshire, England in 1973.

At age thirteen, he was the only student in Great Britain to take and pass the high school art examination a full three years early.

He graduated at sixteen and chose travel over formal study. This tour included several influential years spent living in Spain and Greece.

Between periods abroad, Ian worked behind the scenes at the prestigious Grand Theatre in England. This experience informed his sense of light, space and drama.

Proud to be a resident of Los Angeles since 2001, Ian has continued to explore a multidisciplinary approach to his craft. Eight years as a set designer/fabricator introduced him to a wealth of new techniques and materials.

As a painter and photographer, his work has been exhibited at The National Gallery in London and published as book cover and album artwork. Ian's decorative painting and carpentry skills can be seen at The Chateau Marmont, Hollywood, and in fine homes across the city.